The Perfect Love

Hate and fear are two of the most prominent things in our world today.

Current events will quickly show us that almost everyone is living out of either one or the other.
The media encourages us to hate the bad guys and fear what could happen in the future.

We have programmed our minds to search for things to worry about, whether it’s our jobs, our families, our grades, our paychecks, or our country.

What does God tell us to worry about?


Absolutely nothing.


We start living out of fear and making choices out of fear. We start coming up with situations that aren’t even logical and worry that they could happen to us.

1 John 4:18 says that “perfect love casts out fear.”

If you live out of fear, you will have anxiety and unrest.

If you live out of love, you will have a sound mind and peace.

Knowing the Father’s heart of love will enable you to live it out in your own life.

Living out of love and not fear will enable you to share the love inside of you without fearing what they could say about you or do to you.

Not everyone is going to accept and appreciate what we have to say. But we are called to share anyway. Jenn Johnson once said, “Even if you’ve only been a Christian for an hour, that’s one more hour than someone else. So you are called to share your faith with them.”

When you have received the perfect Love, you can’t possibly keep it to yourself. When you truly have a relationship with the Lord, there will be a light shining out of you.

The devil wants your life to be driven by fear, the Father wants to lead you with love.

The devil wants to scare you into hiding, the Father wants you to live in His glorious light.

Living out a perfect love isn’t easy, because we as humans aren’t perfect. Even though Christ asks us to display His perfect love, He knows our weakness. Which is why He offers more grace than we ask for.

Most of my life, I’ve lived in fear. I’ve worried about my future and anything and everything that could possibly happen in my life.

If you have walls of fear in your life, darling, tear them down. God has amazing things planned for your life, He’s just waiting for you to say yes. He’s waiting for you to accept and believe in the perfect love that can come only from Him. Ask Him to give you His eyes and heart for the hurting world we are living in. He will use you to make a difference. Don’t shrink back into the shadows and live out your Christian life in secret. A dying world needs to hear about an everlasting Love, and we are the ones that know the secret. We know the Love. The Love that can overcome all fear and hate.



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