Summer Recap

This summer has been a whirl-wind.

Between vacations, mission trips, work, being in a musical, and spending time with friends, there has hardly been time for anything else.

Some of the highlights,

  1. Spending a week and a half at the beach with family.
  2. Having a role in the musical, Godspell Jr.
  3. Multiple cabin trips.
  4. Going on a mission trip to Puerto Rico.
  5. Going on a beach day trip with some of my best friends.
  6. Two of my best friends taking me to my first truck pull. #redneckatheart
  7. Attending the most beautiful wedding.
  8. Spending 17 days exploring the western part of our beautiful country.


the wedding

Boquerón, Puerto Rico (part of the Carribean)

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Also, some of the things I learned this summer:

  1. Being open. Being okay with brokenness and imperfection. It’s been a life changer y’all.
  2. How to do a smoky eye. Not nearly as important as #1, but still. It’s nice to know 🙂
  3. God is doing a new thing.Prepare youself for it!
  5. How important authentic community is and having friends that you can truly share what’s going on in your life. Friends that know your story and can give you wise advice.

Yellowstone National Park

What have you all learned this summer?

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2 thoughts on “Summer Recap

  1. Oh, this sounds like a wonderful summer! You were in Godspell? How fun!! And all of those trips- sounds amazing! Learning a smoky eye is a very important life skill- still haven’t mastered that one. 😉

    I loved reading this!!


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