Fall is for relaxing

It’s finally starting to feel like fall!
On Saturday, we had a major change in weather. Like MAJOR. I was outside working in short sleeves in the morning, and then we drove home from a barn party in snow.
I am not okay with this. But then again, I am.

 : image via Pinterest

So with fall comes relaxing, right? Right.

Fall is a lazy season for me. All I want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and cozy socks and some warm tea/coffee/hot chocolate/apple cider/whateveryouprefer.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I relax, I feel as though I should be doing something productive instead. I come home from work and go straight to my room saying I’m going to relax for a little. But in reality, I’m probably on my phone scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or catching up on blogs.

The word “relax” almost has a negative connotation in America. We should always be striving and reaching and working for the next thing to get or accomplish. It’s work-work-work-drive-hustle-strive.

I’ve realized something about myself recently. During the day when I am working, it’s always top speed. Sometimes I’m literally running around the house to get things done, or I’m typing at work or writing for school crazy fast because that’s how my mind works. It’s constantly going full speed ahead. And then by 8:00 at night, I’m worn down. I can’t even sit down in the evening to read a book because I know that I will fall asleep. As long as I stay concentrated and focused, I’ll stay awake. So learning to relax without falling asleep has been a struggle.

Life is fast. But sometimes, you have to take some intentional time for yourself. So here are some tried and true (for me anyway) ways to relax.

  1. Make a hot drink   . Coffee probably isn’t a good idea if you are trying to relax. Just saying.
  2. Turn off your computer, Ipad, phone. If I get a notification or a text, i’ll probably look at it. And then get distracted by facebook..or Instagram…or Pinterset…or snapchat…or tumblr…or……you get the picture.
  3. Put on some comfy clothes. Sweatpants are like a warm hug. They’re fabulous.
  4. Listen to some calm music. I’ve recently discovered a love for acoustic covers of my favorite songs. What are ya’lls favorites?
  5. Light a candle. Candles are the way to my heart. Honestly. Buy me a candle and I’ll love you for forever.
  6. Spend some time with Jesus. When life get’s tough and crazy, there is nothing more comforting than the Comforter Himself. Spend some time loving Him, and letting Him love you. Learn to “be still.” Give Him some undistracted time….you’ll never see that time wasted.

Take some time for you today!


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