If it’s day one and you already feel like quitting

January 1st.
Almost everyone in the world becomes an dreamer with huge ideas for the new year.
goals they want to achieve.
& aspirations of being a better person.

But by January 5th, we’re reminded of how bad we are failing. How we forget things so easily.
Especially our goals of eating healthy when your best friend offers you a bowl of ice cream.

We set goals.
& fail.
time and time again.

We either see January as a clean slate, or we see it looming ahead of us, waiting for that fateful day when we fail at reaching our goals.

But I think we all love the idea of a new year.
Where we can start over, make things better.

Maybe, if you’re like me, you messed up on January 2nd. But the good news is, each day is a clean slate. Each minute you can promise to make better than the last.
This isn’t a 10 step process where if you mess up the 2nd step you’ll never make it to the end.

I am certain that it will take longer than a few months to become as fit, or healthy, or kind, or patient, or talented as I would like to be.

But I do know that my ultimate goal for 2017 is MORE of Jesus. less of me.

My goal is to become more in love, a more devoted follower, a more passionate pursuer, a daughter more aware of her status, in Jesus Christ.

This is a life-long journey. not a goal for just this year.

I don’t want my life to be filled with strict rules of having devotions in the morning and praying in the evening. I want my life to be constant worship.
Constant thankfulness for all of His goodness.
I want my life to be set to the tune of grace. Not routine or tradition.

So there. There’s my goal for 2017 and the rest of my life.

& tomorrow, I will undoubtedly fail at being the person I want to be. But there is grace.
Every day is a clean start with fresh mercies.

so yes. I’ll fail.
but yes, I’m extended more grace than I can imagine from my Father.
whether it’s on day 1, or on day 365.


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