pursuing purpose, not perfection.

Hi! I’m Grayce, the girl behind the blog.
My desire for this place is that it gives you permission to be imperfect.

Over the past several years, God has been showing me that it is not my duty to get everything right all the time. I used to depend on myself to keep up my reputation, grades, appearance, and heart condition all by myself.

That is impossible! And the good thing is that God never expects His children to be perfect.

He just asks that we pursue hard after Him, learning and growing in Him, and He gives more grace where our sin ruins us.

When we chase perfection instead of the Perfect One, we will never experience the freedom and joy that the Lord wants to lavishly bestow on us.
He has been showing me that it’s okay to be a mess, to not have it all together all the time. When we show others that we aren’t perfect, and are confident in the love that we still have from the Father, it also gives them permission to be vulnerable.
It gives them the liberty to stop stressing about being perfect as well.

I’m so excited for what God has for me. & I’m also excited about what God has for you. There will be highs and lows. Times of adventure and times of waiting.

But through it all, I pray that we will continue to pursue our purpose and our Purpose-Giver, the One who created all things and yet loves us. I pray that the idea of not expecting perfection from yourself will give you the peace and the liberty to start taking risks for the Kingdom. Rest in His purpose for you. The journey will be wild.


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